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How Do You Juggle It All? Cleaning Tips from a Working Mom

During my first pregnancy, I daydreamed about peaceful days spent strolling through the park or rocking a sleeping infant in my arms. While I love being a mom, my life is more chaotic than I’d envisioned. I have two young boys and work full-time outside the home. The competing demands of children and clients mean that I’m juggling all sorts of tasks from a never ending to-do list. Since my priority is finding time to spend with my boys without neglecting my responsibilities to my clients, I wind up “dropping the ball” on some tasks.  The first sacrifice I made as a working mother was sleep. I’ve decided that I would rather have an extra hour or two of playtime with my boys than sleep. 4 hours is typical. 6 hours feels like … Read entire article »

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Stuck on You

Stuck on You

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a label fanatic. Labels combine my childhood love of stickers and my grown-up obsession with organization. I own a label-maker, which gets a lot of use in my house. If you’re looking for an inexpensive label, I would definitely use a label-maker. But when you need a label that can stand up to daily use, I.D. Me Labels is a good choice. They sent me some All Purpose Icon … Read entire article »

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