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Peapod Delivers the Goods

Peapod Delivers the Goods

When I lived in Manhattan, everything was delivered. With long work hours and no car, most urban dwellers would have a hard time running errands without this helpful service. One of the many aspects of city living I miss is delivery, which would be especially useful when I’m recovering from birth and juggling the needs of my newborn, my toddler, and my household.  So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to check out Peapod’s online … Read entire article »

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Digging the Dyson: It Really IS Revolutionary

Digging the Dyson: It Really IS Revolutionary

Here’s the truth: I love being a mama, and I enjoy cooking, but I cannot stand housework. I do not find the physical work transports my mind to a higher plane and I don’t really even feel the satisfaction of a “job well-done.” If I suddenly win the lottery tomorrow, I am getting a housekeeper. Until that day, might I suggest using part of your tax credit for a Dyson? It may … Read entire article »

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Mamanista Green Tip: How to Stop Junk Mail

Did you know that 100 million trees are cut down every year for junk mail and that it costs $320 million in local taxes to dispose of unsolicited mail each year? So you can save the planet and your tax dollars by reducing the amount of junk mail your household receives. I recently signed up for GreenDimes. For $20, Green Dimes promises to reduce your junk mail by 90% by removing your entire household from direct mailing lists. When you join, Green Dimes will plant 5 trees on your behalf. They also offer a Catalog Screener, which enables you to opt-out of receiving thousands of catalogs. If you opt-out of 5 catalogs, Green Dimes will plant an additional 5 trees for you. Want It? Cut Junk Mail … Read entire article »

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Shop for Groceries Online: Save Time, Money, and Energy!

Here’s a way to save money, time, and energy! When I was a city dweller, I loved services like Peapod: fresh food direct to your doorstep, even when you do not have the time or energy for a big shopping trip. Then, I had Baby Diva in suburban exile while Captain Dad was away and I longed for the days of delivery. For harried parents, Amazon Grocery comes to the rescue. They have great prices on … Read entire article »

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