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Friday Playgroup – April 13

Don’t step on a crack and break your mama’s back on Friday the 13th…visit these sites instead:

Confession is good for the soul (True Mom Confessions – NEW SITE!)

Laugh and the World Laughs With You…or flames you, whichever (MetroDad)

Baby’s Tax Return: this guy never fails to crack us up (Babby Daddy)

The Boy is growing up and going to childcare: visit Ms. T and cheer her up with some comment love (Boob Juice Factory)

WAHM guilt: Once again, Vicky says what Mama Luxe is thinking (The Mummy Chronicles)

City Mama’s Blog is this many: and she celebrates by giving us some pearls of wisdom wrapped up all purty (City Mama)

Jennifer weighs in on “The Feminine Mistake” (The Lactivist)

Ms. T’s Boy is ready for Fear Factor: So is Baby Diva! (Boob Juice Factory)

Busy Mom wants your advice on tween dating: Mama Luxe is going into shock just writing the phrase (Busy Mom)

Clutter makes you fat: So THAT’S why Mama Luxe can’t lose those ten pounds! Don’t tell Super Dad (Clever Parents)

Mama Luxe mourns the passing of an era: Yes, I just linked to myself. Is that allowed?

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  1. yalechk says:

    I am surprised that so many people are taking Bennett’s position as being against stay at home moms.

    Bennett wrote her book because more and more women these days are choosing to stay at home with their children, and because there is a lot of pressure (again) to take that path.

    Bennett’s main point is that, if you’re going to make that choice, you need to be aware that, if your marriage doesn’t turn out hunky-dory, and you end up getting a divorce, there is no longer life-time alimony, and generally, there is far less support for single mothers. Bennett suggests that women maintain their skills, by volunteering, or working full or part time, as part of a back-up plan. she also suggests setting up a retirement savings account in the woman’s name, so she will have some money set aside for retirement in case she gets a divorce.

    Those points have nothing to do with saying women don’t have choices. Women DO have choices. But when we choose, we should do so wisely, and understand the risk full-time mothers take when they don’t maintain their marketability as an employee.

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