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Mama-to-Be’s Favorite Briefcase

For years, I lugged around a boring black microfiber briefcase that looked exactly like every other briefcase. Functional and practical– my husband still owns one exactly like it.

I wanted something more fashion forward, so I bought a leather briefcase from Coach for more than $300. It looked fabulous, but the thin leather straps dug into my shoulder with even a moderate load of stuff (laptop, wallet and notebook). Being stylish wasn’t worth an aching upper back, so I eventually switched back to my dowdy old briefcase.

One day in the airport, I spotted a woman carrying a beautiful green silk brocade laptop case. I figured it was one of those things annoyingly perfect women stumble upon in a cute boutique somewhere and had no hope of actually getting one for myself. But she told me that she found it at eBags and that it cost her less than $100.

I bought one in lavender, and I get complimented on it everywhere I go. The bag looks sleek, but it holds my laptop, laptop powercord, iPOD, cellphone, wallet, notebook, folders, essential makeup, and a small bottle of water. Most importantly, the padded wide strap doesn’t hurt my shoulder. Even better….selling the Coach bag that hurt my shoulder on Ebay more than paid for it.

Abbi Jade $89.95 (currently eBags is offering free shipping on this item)

Abbi Sienna $89.95 (currently eBags is offering free shipping on this item)

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2 Responses to "Mama-to-Be’s Favorite Briefcase"

  1. Katy says:

    Ooh! I love them! I like the one in blue…

    Now I just have to start dropping hints to The Husband that Mother’s Day is coming up…. :)

  2. Mama Luxe says:

    I’ve been thinking of buying this laptop case and I just wanted to share that right now it is $71.96–plus they are offering $25 gift certificate AND free shipping with a $75+ order…so buy a few things or just find an accessory around $4 and you’ll save shipping and get the gift certificate!

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