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Mamanista Tip – Birthday Photos

Happy 8th Month Birthday, Baby Diva!

In honor of Baby Diva’s 8th Month Birthday, I am sharing this photo tip someone gave me when Baby Diva was two months’ old.

Every month, take a photo next to a favorite plush animal, preferably one at least the size of a toddler.

Some great choices include the Jumbo Plush Giant Panda ($69.95 from Baby-Wise) or any of the Melissa & Doug giant plushies. Target has the Pug, White Teddy Bear, and other great wild and domestic animal options ($35 and up, depending on your choice of animal). The Manhattan Toy Royal Renaissance Dragons ($35.99) are also available at Target if you prefer the whimsical.

You’ll have a wonderful record of how your darling grows through the months.

The “Monkey Shot” has become a favorite amongst Baby Diva’s family friends. If I am a few days late getting the image up online, I receive e-mails demanding the picture.

After your photo session, upload your photos to one of these great services to share with friends and family:
Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you can use these services to create fun gifts for the grandmothers, too!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is such a creative way to document baby’s growth. And you could make an awesome scrapbook page with all the shots once the year is up.

  2. yalechk says:

    Your beautiful little girl is starting to look like a little lady! that’s really a wonderful idea, and thanks for the coupons!

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