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Piano Made Easy

The to-do list of the average parent seems endless. My cousin has two daughters, ages 7 and 8. In addition to working outside the home, helping with homework, keeping a clean house and cooking healthy dinners, she is a full-time chauffeur as she shuttles her girls to and from soccer, swimming, karate, singing, Girl Scouts, and more. I can’t even remember all the activities—let alone comprehend how my cousin coordinates the family schedule while maintaining … Read entire article »

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Shopping Cart Cover: Adorable, Safe and Affordable from Clean Shopper

Babies use all of their senses to explore the world–which is exactly what you want, except when that world is a disgusting shopping cart or restaurant high chair. Did you know shopping cart handles have more germs than public restrooms? Ewww…. If you are looking for an adorable, safe, and affordable shopping cart cover to protect your baby from germs, check out the Clean Shopper. Baby Diva took the Clean Shopper for a test drive … Read entire article »

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Sweet and Sassy Baby and Kids’ Clothing at Skimbaco

Skimbaco carries luxury clothing and accessories for babies, children, and mothers. The cheerful colors and fanciful designs at Skimbaco make this boutique a standout. As I browse their website, the whimsical European sensibility transports me to a more friendly place, where healthy children play and learn as attentive parents watch on joyfully. (Perhaps I should talk to someone about my strong feelings towards clothing and accessories?) Skimbaco is the exclusive U.S. importer of Riiminka Design, a delightful … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: May 25

A Summer Reading List… Two: What a beautiful gift, just the right color and always the perfect size. (GGC) Code Brown the Solid Remix: Why is it so much funnier when he writes it than when I live it? (Baby Daddy) The Eight Types of Playground Parents: Uh, oh, I think I’m Crazy PTA Lady (MetroDad) The Other Side of Awesome: It is just as awesome the second time around (Mom-101) Dear Wasp Who Stung My Son Last Week: Insects should know not to mess with someone who calls herself Queen of the Bad Mommies Just Like A Boy: I just love her photos! (Slurping Life) 2006 Baby Name Pool: Meet the Champions: Looking at the new stats, all of my top picks for Baby Diva’s name, including the one we actually chose, are rising … Read entire article »

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Baby Loves Jazz…and so does Mamanista!

Vivid illustrations and adult-friendly music for kids make the Baby Loves Jazz series a winner. Each book guides baby through an aspect of her world using the lens of Jazz. The funky drawings and engaging recordings are consistent throughout the series. I was able to review Ella Elephant Scats Like That: Baby Loves Jazz and Charlie Bird Count to the Beat: Baby Loves Jazz. Ella Elephant focuses on the sounds that emanate from … Read entire article »

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Predict Baby’s Future with this Hilarious and Adorable Onesie

Celebrate the mom-to-be’s quirky sense of humor and be a hit at your next baby shower with a mysterio infant t-shirt ($13.00). Will he be handsome, will he be rich? What will be, will be…but if you really want to know Baby’s fate now, ask Mysterio! Each t-shirt is high-quality cotton and fits up to 6 months. The oracle arrives sealed in its pouch…open in front of friends and find out what the future holds for baby. Said in quick announcer voice: T-shirts are for entertainment purposes only…item does not actually predict baby’s future. … Read entire article »

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Father’s Day Gift Guide from Mamanista!

Please check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2008! This is our archived 2007 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Men are ultimately very simple in terms of their wants and needs…but we ladies feel compelled to shop for them, anyway. I’ve been pumping Super Dad for ideas and here are some of Mamanista’s picks for Father’s Day gifts for the Family Guy, the Father Who Brings Home the Bacon, the Father Who Cooks the Bacon, the Tailgating Dad, … Read entire article »

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Find a Trustworthy Babysitter with Sittercity

Whether you are a working mom, a work at home mom, or a stay at home mom, you deserve a break. Quality childcare can be difficult to find, but Sittercity makes it easy. Two growing trends place increasing stress on new mommies: we move further away from our families and, even when we live nearby, our own mothers are more likely to have their own jobs, interests, and obligations. I love spending most of my day with Baby Diva, but I still occasionally need a break. As a work at home mom, I find I am having growing difficulty balancing my family’s needs, my work requirements, and my personal desires. With the first two making demands on my time, I have less time to care for myself. Taking care of … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: May 18

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You!: I won’t spoil the surprise ending (Suburban Turmoil) “Why Mommy” enjoys Changing Times and catches the Closet Cleaning Bug, saying Out With the Old (Toddler Planet) Melinda clues non-Moms in on What Moms Really Want… (Planet Mom) School Yard Snob part 2: Moms, don’t let your daughters grow up to be snobs. (My Memories) Vaccinations and Advice for the family at the Baby Gravy Train Go Reassure Daddy Forever that he did not ruin Mother’s Day … Read entire article »

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A Good Pair of Mommy Shoes

Once upon a time, I lived in high heels. A complete stranger actually broke out in applause after watching me run across the street in a pair of four inch stack heels. In those same bright red high-heeled sandals, I once scaled an eight foot iron gate. Alas, being a mommy does change some things. When you get pregnant, your feet start to ache. Perhaps fashion is worth the pain, but then you … Read entire article »

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