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Friday Playgroup – May 4

Mamanista’s rollercoaster ride through blogland…

Some Days… It Don’t Pay to Get Outta Bed: The Cartoon Medium IS the Message (L.A. Daddy)

Silly Celebrity Breastfeeding Stories: Celeb Fun (Mama Knows Breast)

The Black Hole Pit of Despair: Raise your hand if you haven’t been there. (Queen of the Bad Mommies)

Activity #186: Schedule something special for yourself: What’s on your list? (Rookie Moms)

You Will Be Mine, Mojo. Oh Yes, You Will Be Mine: Getting her groove back. (Suburban Turmoil)

Closeted: as Mama Luxe recently told a friend, no matter what size you are, I’ve got it (momomax)

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