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Dig These Hip Baby Threads

Hip in Sandbox Threads

It is the hip parents’ classic dilemma–how to find unique threads for your kid without dropping major bank. After all, spending big bucks for a onesie is just trying too hard, and that’s never cool.

Sandbox Threads to the rescue!!!

Faced with the same problem, Stay at Home Dad, Andy, created these groovy, graphic onesies and tees for goo goo hipsters. Not only are Sandbox Threads clothes clever and fabulously designed, they are affordable, too! Most of these fabulous threads go for 18.95, with some on sale for even less!

Let’s face it, you can only look at so many duckies, daisies, bunnies and binkies, before you start to wonder if someone snatched your brain or turned you into a Stepford parent. With your new addition, you may not be able to go out rocking and partying anytime soon but, thanks to Sandbox Threads, you can at least still maintain some semblance of cool.

This Stay at Home Dad puts a lot of care and effort into his designs. With composition worthy of FIT and an appropriately cheeky sense of humor, each funky item is a real winner.

Find even more quirkiness and charm on the Sandbox Threads Blog–you’ll find his latest hip designs for babies and kids and his equally fascinating wife’s discussions of postmodern picture books.

I really cannot pick one favorite, I adore the Cookies and Milk BFF shirt Baby Diva is sporting–babies and cute clothes go together just like cookies and milk!

Hip Baby Clothes

I am also coveting the Wonder Woman, Kiss My Tiara, and AB/CD (AC/DC) designs. And Sandbox Threads even has a wide variety of clothes for your sharp dressed little dude. There are options for girlie girls, little activists, fans, gearheads, future roadies, and so much more. Once you finally choose your favorite design, you can also pick the color of your onesie or tee!

Fortunately Sandbox Threads now offers Gift Certificates, so you can let the new parents check out the site for themselves.

Support a creative Stay at Home Dad and find hip, groovy, retro tees and onesies for babies and kids at Sandbox Threads.

UPDATE: Sandbox Threads is now able to offer Mamanista! readers 15% Off with coupon code “mamanista15”.

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