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Win One of Three Free Sittercity Memberships!

Sittercity Coupon Code
I’ve shared how I used Sittercity to locate a trustworthy care provider for Baby Diva so I could meet some deadlines. Whether you are a working mom, a work at home mom, or a stay at home mom, you deserve a break. Quality childcare can be difficult to find, but Sittercity makes it easy. Check out our full review of this essential service!

Sittercity also has two new exciting services!

Pet Sitter Finder: If you are traveling out of town this holiday season, Sittercity will help you find the perfect sitter for your precious pet

Corporate Program: Companies looking to boost productivity, reduce employee absenteeism, retain working parents as employees, and increase company satisfaction are in luck! The Sittercity Corporate Program provides employees with free access to hundreds of thousands of babysitters, nannies, petsitters, housesitters and elder care providers nationwide, alleviating the stress of trying to find a caregiver while juggling a busy career and family life.

Three Ways to Win

We are excited to have this opportunity to share Sittercity with you again–we have three free memberships to Sittercity to give away. Each free yearly membership has a value of $95.88. Since there are three prizes, there are three ways to win with Mamanista! We’ll give one free membership away through each of these ways to enter.

You may any or all of these ways. Enter all three ways and you’ll have three opportunities to win!

However you choose to enter, remember to add mamanista at gmail dot com to your safe list so we can contact you. We hate spam and will never share your e-mail address.

We will draw all three winners on November 8, 11:59 EST.
First Way to Win – Share or Link

You must complete both steps to enter this way:

A. Share or Link: Contests are more fun when you share!

If you are not a blogger, fill out this form to share this contest with two friends. If you have trouble with the form, just e-mail two friends the link to this post and Cc We will not share your e-mail or your friends’ e-mails with anyone.

If you are a blogger, link to this post to let your readers know about the contest. Let us know in the comments that you are all linked up!


B. Leave a Comment: Leave a comment on this post telling us why you really need a sitter, nanny, mother’s helper or other type of child or pet care! We will choose the winner from the comments and then verify that you linked or shared.

Second Way to Win – Sign Up for Our Newsletter!

We have a semi-monthly newsletter where we share our top fabulously chic picks and irresistibly practical deals. Sign-up and you will be entered for a chance to win one of the free Sittercity memberships. We will draw a winner from current subscribers on November 8, 11:59 EST.

Third Way to Win – Subscribe by E-mail!Never miss a single find, contest, or deal. Click this link to subscribe to Mamanista! by email and you’ll get a daily digest of our new posts. We will draw a winner from current subscribers on November 8, 11:59 EST.

To recap, we will select one winner from each of these types of entries and you may enter any and all of these ways for up to three chances to win:

  1. Share or Link AND Comment
  2. Join our semi-monthly newsletter
  3. Subscribe by e-mail

We will select all winners on November 8, at 11:59 EST.

Register for Sittercity Now!

If you need to find a sitter, nanny or mother’s helper right now, click here to register for Sittercity and get the Mamanista! discount.

When you think about how valuable your time is, you’ll find that Sittercity is more than worth the subscription fee—and now Mamanista! readers can get 10% off. Looking for a babysitter or pet sitter? Sign-up to find the perfect sitter today at! and use coupon code MNISTA to save!

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13 Responses to "Win One of Three Free Sittercity Memberships!"

  1. jen says:

    I really need a reliable source to find sitters, since we moved across the country away from any family or friends that could watch our son. We have met friends that could watch him, but then who would we go out with? It’s a catch 22! Help us, sittercity! (:

  2. Tiffany says:

    Oh wow! I need a reliable sitter! Our last sitter we used over 2 years ago and it was just a bad situation and it soured me on hiring another…so for about 2 years my hubby and I have not gone out :(

    diapermama @

  3. Chrissy says:

    Oh I need a sitter so bad. I’m in a town where I don’t know anybody, I have worked from home since before my son was born (now 2) but I’m finding he needs to get out with people more now than before. He is very good about letting me work but I would like to find someone to take him out for a couple hours a few times a week.

  4. Calliope says:

    I used your form to share with two friends and signed up for both things.

    I am going back to work in January and need to find someone soon!

  5. MLC Jr says:

    I may be an awesome auntie au pair… but I’d like to go out WITH my little sis, but without my niece and nephew occasionally.

  6. marcinakmm says:

    My hubby and I really need a sitter for our three kids so we can make an appointment to meet with a financial planner to plan for said kids’ futures! :)

  7. Timothy says:

    I really need a reliable source to find sitters.

  8. […] Here are our winners of the FREE Year Sittercity memberships from Mamanista! […]

  9. Kim Burrow says:

    I found sittercity through this site and used them to try to find help with my home and two small children while I recover from ankle surgery.

    I am in a leg cast for two months and can’t walk, so I advertised very specifically for help with laundry, dishes, being my hands and feet for small things around the house, and looking after my 18 month old and my 3 year old. No heavy cleaning, just basic survival while I recover.

    Sittercity provided 5 leads. 3 never replied to my emails. One replied to my initial email but not my followup. The fifth accepted the job.

    Despite my having been very clear about dishes/laundry/helping around the house, the sitter I hired informed me that she didn’t do any laundry. She complained about emptying my clean dishwasher and bringing in the mail, telling me that she was “used to just playing with the kids’. Did she not read the ad?

    So, I paid her for the day and let her go.

    When I complained to Sittercity about the total waste of the $95 I paid them, they refused to refund my money and gave me this reply by email: “We apologize for the inconvenience but Sittercity is not an agency, therefore we can not guarantee you will find a caregiver to meet your needs. Sittercity is a online networking site for parents and caregivers.”

    So, please be advised that Sittercity does not stand behind their service. You may not get a reply, and/or the caregiver does reply, they may not have read your ad very carefully.

    I have since found a wonderful helper by calling my church nursery. 100% free and way more helpful. I am disappointed that Sittercity has so little concern for the quality of service they provide or the poor quality of their pool of workers.

    Kim Burrow

  10. Juliet says:

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  11. Juliet says:

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    Thanks for such an important post.

  12. Amanda says:

    My name is Amanda i am looking for a family to allow me to bring my 4 monthold along with me he is a great baby. Its really hard to find a family that has the same wants as you. I’m starting to think the internet is not the best place to post my ad’s. I am a great mother as well as care giver and i don’t want to be looked at any different because i am posting online. does anybody have advice on what to do to finding a good family for my wants.


    Mandee 25 year old mom looking for help

  13. Candace says:

    @Kim – Sorry your experience was not a good one. I have had a wonderful experience with the service and have since paid for it twice with my own money. What Sittercity says is true. They are not an agency and do not have a “pool” of employees. The service is designed to help you match yourself with available caretakers in your area. They are no more responsible for the quality of the sitter than a supermarket would be if you posted or answered an ad on their bulletin board. Yes, if you have an organization in your area and are able to find someone there for free–that is certainly a more cost-effective way to go! I didn’t have any luck at local churches or colleges, so I turned to Sittercity and found a great sitter.

    @Amanda – Not sure where you are posting your ads or what you are asking… Every parent has their own level of comfort as to where they will look for childcare and whether or not they allow the caregiver to bring their own child along while babysitting. I would try a babysitter forum (they have one on Sittercity and it is free for caregivers to register) and ask other babysitters about their thoughts.

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