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Are You Going to Buy the Kindle?

Despite its $399 price-tag, Amazon’s Kindle is so popular that it is already out of stock.

If you want to give one for Christmas despite the wait list, Amazon is offering printable gift cards with a photo of the device.

Amazon’s Kindle aspires to become the iPod of e-book viewers. Here’s what appeals to me about the Kindle:

  1. Storage Capacity: The Kindle can hold up to 200 books. My bookshelves are already overloaded, and I am running out of room to store new books. Also, I brought 6 books on my last vacation, which took up a lot of room in my suitcase. Just think of all the space the Kindle would free up!
  2. Saving Money on Books: New releases and bestselling books only cost $9.99. To save money, I generally wait until books come out in paperback or until I can find a copy at the local library. I’d love it if I could get a new release at the paperback price! No more waiting to read the coolest new books.
  3. Eco-friendly: You can get newspapers and magazines auto-delivered wirelessly to the device ($9.99 a month for the Wall Street Journal, $13.99 a month for the New York Times). While you can read the newspaper for free online, this is an eco-friendly way to read the newspaper on the go!

Here are my concerns about the Kindle:

  1. Price: At $399, the Kindle is very expensive. I might choose to wait a year for the price to go down.
  2. No Personal Reviews: While there are positive reviews at Amazon, I don’t know anyone who owns the Kindle yet. Before I invest so much money in a trendy device, I’d want to ask a trusted friend’s opinion or test out the device myself.
  3. Travel Inconvenience: I love reading at the beach or by the pool when I’m on vacation, but I’d worry about damaging the device by getting sand or water on it and about the risk it would be stolen while I was swimming. Also, I couldn’t use the Kindle on an airplane during takeoff and landing since the use of electronic devices is prohibited.

So what do you think? Is the Kindle on your Christmas wish list, or are you waiting for the price to go down?

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7 Responses to "Are You Going to Buy the Kindle?"

  1. cfw123 says:

    I received my Kindle on Dec. 4th so I have now had it 15 days. And I really love it. It is wonderful in many ways none of which are understood by flamers who have never held one or even seen one, certainly never touched or used one, but none of those things stop them from flaming something about which they know nothing. I have an 8 GB SB HC (high capacity) card which enables me to store literally many thousands of items, including big audiobooks with which the Kindle is the best player I have ever seen.
    Charles Wilkes, San Jose, Calif.

  2. Mama-To-Be says:

    Thanks for your comment Charles. I wasn’t trying to flame the Kindle, but I am looking to get feedback from people like you who already own the device.

    I was an early iPod user, but I was able to go to an Apple store and test the device before purchasing my iPod. Since I don’t know anyone who owns the Kindle and was unable to test it at a local store, I’ve had a harder time deciding whether or not to recommend the device to our readers.

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  4. Morgan says:

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