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Ergo Baby Carrier Price Increase Tomorrow (Hot Tip)

The Ergo Baby Carrier is a babywearing favorite, especially amongst Dads.  This soft structured carrier combines the ergonomic benefits of a mei tai with the buckles found on more structured carriers.  You can use the Ergo with baby facing in, baby on the hip, or baby on the back. Read our full review of the Ergo Baby Carrier.

The manufacturer has mandated that the price is going up from $92 to $105, effective tomorrow.  So, if you’ve been considering the Ergo, now is the time to grab it at the $92 price!

Buy the Ergo at Along For the Ride use coupon code “MAMANISTA” for $5 off your order of $40.00 or more. Combine with free shipping on all US orders over $75 for even more savings!

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