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Welcome to the Baby CyberShower for Junior!

CyberShower Gifts

First, I want to send a HUGE thank you to our hostess with the mostess, Pamela Kramer of Happy Panda Baby, who also blogs at PMKU, and our three guest shower game judges: Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Kristen from Mod*Mom and Christine from Dates to Diapers!

We’re having a virtual party here, and the most important part of any party is the fascinating guests. So, welcome and I hope you’ll have a good time and get to know each other.

We also have fabulous door prizes (click to see the list of prizes)! Everyone is eligible to enter with just a comment and bloggers will have additional opportunities to win their top picks of prizes by playing the games in a post on their own blog.

First, we’ll play a few Baby CyberShower Games.

Second, we’ll take a look at all the Unique Baby Shower Gifts I received. Thank you to all of the friends and companies that sent such beautiful gifts!

Third, even if you do not have a blog, you can leave a comment on this post to enter yourself in the draw for the prizes. The top choice of prizes will be distributed to the game winners and the rest of the prizes will be distributed randomly.

Fourth, meet other guests by using Mr. Linky and visiting the party on other blogs–we hope you’ll make new friends and have fun!

We know there are some other big parties going on this week, so we’re giving you from July 7 through the end of the day on July 17 to stop on by and party with us!

Let’s get this party started…after the jump!

Okay… let’s have some fun with Shower Games!


  1. First, if you have a blog, create a “CyberShower Party Post” and then include as many responses to the following questions as you’d like.
  • The First Choice of Prizes will go to: The Most Inspirational Story. If you are a biological parent, please tell us about your inspirational pregnancy, labor and/or birthing process. If you are an adoptive parent, then let us know about the inspiring story of how your family came to be!
  • The Second Choice of Prizes will go to: The Most Fabulous Nest. Show us a picture of your baby’s gorgeous sanctuary.
  • The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Choice of Prizes will go to: The Best, Worst, or Funniest Advice for Expectant Mothers. Bloggers, you can post this on your CyberShower Party Post. Those without blogs can leave their advice in the comments! We want to hear the good, the bad, and the downright hysterical!
  • Feel free to invite all your friends and readers, too, and add anything else to your post that will add to the festive atmosphere–a playlist, pictures, introductions…
  1. Make sure to sign Mr. Linky and add the permalink to your CyberShower post (not your main page).
  2. Don’t forget to leave a comment! Please check out the fabulous prizes and let us know which PRIZES (click to check them out) you would want most if you win. After the first five prizes are awarded, the rest of the prizes will be distributed to random guests.

I’m not competing for prizes, of course, but here are my answers to the questions on my personal blog: Mama Saga.

Non-Blogging Readers

We wouldn’t forget you!

  1. You can still play by leaving me a comment with the Best, Worst, and/or Funniest Advice for Expectant Mothers. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the downright hysterical! And the rest of the prizes will be chosen at random from the comments, so everyone can participate!
  2. Please check out the fabulous prizes (click to see the prizes) and let us know in your comment which prizes you would want most if you win.


Happy Panda Baby Diaper Cake
What’s a party without some cake? As the hostess, Pamela sent me this scrumptious diaper cake from Happy Panda Baby as our CyberShower centerpiece. This cake has an adorable Cuddlekins Panda Bear; a Happy Panda gift set (including hat, lap t and pants with their sweet signature panda), perfect for those extra pudgy babies; lots of baby toiletries; and the one thing every new mama needs: lots of diapers! Plus my daughter, our resident Diva, scored this awesome Fierce T-shirt. Fierce Toddler T-Shirt
And Amy, one of our guest judges, also sent me my favorite original t-shirt design from Attached to the Hip: I Make Milk, What’s Your Superpower? My first was breastfed until she was 18 months and I am looking forward to wearing this shirt around town. I find the message so empowering–feeding the next generation is so empowering. I Make Milk Shirt
Speaking of Diva the Kid, her wardrobe for this party in honor of her little brother is courtesy of Shabby Apple’s Shabby Baby line. Shabby Apple makes modest, yet young and chic clothing for women and for girls. My friends and I are drooling over their couture style clothing at department store prices. As soon as I am back to my normal size, I need treat myself to one of their gorgeous dresses or blouses. In the meantime, according to the people we meet (as we’re walking down the street…), my baby girl looks “like a little doll” and “just precious” in her dress from Shabby Baby. Shabby Baby Girl Dress
All About Baby has personalized hooded towels and robes for babies and toddlers in mod graphic patterns. I adore hooded towels; they are so practical and yet so sweet!  Since most of our towels are worn from lots of use, it will be great to have a beautiful, fresh towel for Junior.  And his sister can’t steal it since it will have his name embroidered right on it. Personalized Hooded Towel
Belmama & Cherub sent me a Shower Hug. It’s Mama’s essential for breast pain relief during pregnancy and breast feeding. Last time I remember considering wearing a bra in the shower. Since I am “blessed” in this department, I am really happy to have something supportive and luxurious to wear in the shower. Shower Hug
Boca Beth makes materials for introducing Spanish to your child the fun and easy way with this award-winning Boca Beth Beginner Set. I’m proficient in Spanish and am eager to give my kids the joy of learning another language. On occasion, my not quite two year old daughter already shares Spanish phrases and we plan to continue to encourage Spanish language learning when Junior arrives.
Boca Beth
I’m a big fan of bioME 5, the company, the clothing, and the philosophy.  BioME 5 makes quality, tagless organic cotton snapsuits with vivid monochromatic wildlife photos and then ships them in “green film” biodegradable plastic bag.  For older kids, bioME 5 has equally striking t-shirts. This onesie has Junior’s first initial, with a fun red tinted photo of a monkey.  He’s going to be the cutest little monkey in the jungle! BioME 5
Chesapeake Ribbons sent me an adorable little belt for Junior. They have traditional, preppie, and edgy styles for every taste.  Since we live on the Sound, I chose this cute whale theme–perfect for a day at the beach! Preppy Baby Belt
Classy Mommy knows all about getting a big sis excited about her new responsibilities. Her eldest is a fabulous big sibling.  So, she sent me one of her daughter’s favorite books: I’m a Big Sister. My girl loves reading about how she’s going to have a little brother soon, and this book will become a favorite. Big Sister Book
Cushie Pushie The Cushie Pushie Breastfeeding Pillow is designed to help you gain the correct breast position for easier breastfeeding. The pillow allows both hands free for multitasking–and with a toddler and a newborn, I’ll be all about that! Cushie Pushie
DK has kindly sent me a copy of Baby’s First Year by Annabel Karmel. I need the push since my first kiddo’s earliest days were documented almost entirely online.  Maybe I’ll finally print out all those fun photos and write down the special memories. Click here to find out more about this baby book. Baby Book
Hipster Tots has a great idea–a scrapbook where all mama needs to do is add the photos.  I love their tag line: “Because you want to give a gift…not start a hobby.” My co-editor here at Mamanista, Mama Mwah, is a scrapbooking fiend.  She’s organized and she enjoys creating the perfect page.  I, on the other hand, am happy to skip to the results.  So, I am looking forward to using these hip 50s style layouts. Hip Baby Scrapbook
Jus Shar Designs makes handmade crocheted and knitted gifts for any occasion. She’ll work with you to create a truly unique item.  We received a cuddly blue afghan for Junior that will no doubt become a special gift passed from generation to generation.
Kaboodle Kids has some rare boys and girls fashions you won’t find in other online boutiques because they import from South Africa.  They employ women and women-owned businesses, creating economic opportunities for them and their families. This wonderful business also supports Feed The Children. And the clothing is simply adorable, too!  Junior is going to look so sweet in his Giraffe romper. Kaboodle Romper
Miracle Blanket – This is the gift that may have saved my daughter’s life and definitely saved my sanity–it really is a miracle. I’m looking forward to having a Miracle Blanket swaddler to use with Junior.  This is the one swaddling blanket that my baby couldn’t pop open and it is so easy to use.  Miracle Blanket also sent the Maternal Whispers and Raindreams CDs with comforting white noise, which was also a big hit with my colicky first. I can whole-heartedly recommend Miracle Blanket to anyone who needs help getting an infant to sleep. Miracle Swaddling Blanket
My Princess Closet focuses on sweet gifts for little girls, but the owner was gracious enough to find this sweet babylegs gift set for Junior. I think I’m just about the only parent who hasn’t tried these out, yet.  Babylegs are so useful for keeping those cute, chubby legs warm while allowing for easy diaper changes.  If you have a girl who likes pink, ruffles, and tiaras, My Princess Closet is the right online boutique for your little royal one. Baby Legs
Vanessa Younts, owner of My Mommy’s Bracelets and Baby Girl Bracelets sent me a custom “Mama” photo key chain. Photo gifts are a very personal way to carry your baby with you.  If I ever get out again on a date night, I’ll still be able to look down and see baby’s smiling face. She can create a custom design to match your taste.
Mommy Photo Keychain
N-Style Moms sent me a fashionable baby wipes container, so I can appear chic and together even during diaper blowouts–a total illusion, I assure you. And for the big sis, we got this awesome, wipeable, pint-sized toddler backpack with a funky 70s butterfly print. She loves being able to pack and carry her own bag.  Maybe I can convince her to carry around some of her brother’s diapers and gear? Toddler Backpack
Baby Wipes Case
Regionz Kidz makes products that encourage diversity and unity.  We have one of their caricature tees with a cutie building a sandcastle.  You can choose a character that matches your child and place him in a setting that suits your lifestyle, career, or region. Regionz Kidz Tee
Runaway Rabbit gave this mama a pair of their super-cute flip hop bunny spa slippers, perfect for tired, swollen feet–and being in my third trimester during August, I certainly have those.  I also got a pair of the sock hop sock slippers, with no slip treads so clutzy me doesn’t fall down. Bunny Flip Flop Slippers
See Kai Run makes some of the mos chic baby and toddler shoes I’ve seen. They have created an ultra-flexible sole from TPR (thermoplastic rubber).  My daughter owns a pair, too, which always gets oos and ahhs.  I can also attest to their rain puddle-resistant qualities–we accidentally put them in the washing machine and the shoes emerged no worse for the wear. Kids feel comfortable in these toddler shoes and parents can feel confident knowing that See Kai Run donates thousands of these sweetly sophisticated shoes to Soles4Souls. See Kai Run Shoes
We’re huge fans of Signing Time! in our household. I have been screening baby signing videos and this one is by far the best I have seen. In her pre-verbal days, my toddler was able to communicate with signing. Now that her baby brother is on the way, I think she’ll enjoy teaching him signs. We don’t have much screen time in our house, but Signing Time is a top pick as a first video and I think my daughter will be excited to learn more signs to teach her little brother. I also love that the Baby Signing Time! Gift Set comes with CDs to reinforce the learning experience with the songs from the videos. Baby Signing Time
Stylease fills a fashion need for new moms–one piece clothing that looks like a complete outfit.  These adorable kids may appear to be wearing two or three separates, but actually these are all one piece outfits with snaps for easy changing.  We received some fun outfits, a fall and a spring style for Junior plus a girl’s spring style for his big sis.  I just adore this idea and think it is a great way to have baby look stylish without worrying about layers…and changes are a snap away, too. Stylease One Piece Outfits
Sugar Free Baby has fun and breezy baby clothing in eco-friendly and organic fabrics. They use low-impact dyes and water-based prints so that their garments are gentle on your baby and mother earth. Junior will look naturally sweet and feel comfortable in his organic cotton French Terry camo pacifier print hoody and shorts jogger sets in white and green. This set is so soft and cute, it just seems to fit infants perfectly. Organic Baby Clothes
Uncommonly Cute makes baby clothes, including this clever tee. They sent me this adorable I Scream T-Shirt, because you’re never too young for a good pun. It just works on so many levels.  Uncommonly cute has a number of fun designs, including cute t-shirts for twins. I Scream T-Shirt

Now it is time to get to know each other a little better, play fun games, and win prizes.

  • If you are a blogger, please leave your permalink to your CyberShower post below in Mr. Linky.
  • Everyone, please remember to leave a comment with your advice and your favorite baby shower prizes!
  • BLOGGERS: Only use Mr. Linky if you are blogging a CyberShower post.
  • EVERYONE: Don’t forget to leave a comment with your top prize picks!

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