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The Perfect Soundtrack for Baby’s Nap

dreambaby.jpg While Baby Mwah sleeps peacefully a night, he is not a good napper. It’s like he senses that something fun might be happening. So at the slightest sound, he’ll wake up from his nap, start cooing and want to play. As irresistible as his coos are, I know that he gets really cranky in the evening if he skips his afternoon nap.

I’d received a review copy of harpist Merry Miller’s Dream Baby CD a few weeks ago. This CD (peaceful lullabies with sound effects like flowing streams, singing crickets and chirping birds) is popular with celebrity moms like Kelly Ripa, Jessica Alba and even the Bachelorette Trista Ryan.

The Press Release for Dream Baby claims that music notes played on the harp lower the level of the stress hormone cortisol and raise melatonin levels, promoting sleep and relaxation. While I can appreciate that the Dream Baby CD is relaxing, I’m not sure I really buy the claim that the harp is better at reducing cortisol than other instruments like the piano or the flute.  

However, I will say that Baby Mwah enjoyed the CD. I started playing it daily at naptime, and I’ve found that he no longer awakens at the slightest noise or when the doorbell rings or mommy takes a telephone call. 

You can try it for yourself at, where you can download Itsy Bitsy Spider from Dream Baby for free. If you like the song, the entire CD is only $12. In addition, a portion of each sell goes to the Save The Music Foundation, which helps children learn to play instruments.

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