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Chittypulga Contest Winner and Coupon Code

Chittypulga Coupon CodeCongratulations to  the winner of our Chittypulga $100 Gift Certificate Contest, Marilyn W., who said:

I would spend my shopping spree on the New-Fleurville Botanical Coral Sling Tote!

At Chittypulga, you’ll find hip children’s clothing from favorite designers like Tea Collection, Zutano, LunaLuna, Egg by Susan Lazar, shoes from Pazitos, organic clothing from Under the Nile and a lot more.

Complete your shopping spree with posh accessories, safe knitted and wooden toys, Fleurville diaper bags, Mamma Mio pregnancy kits, journals, albums and tasteful gifts for babies and moms-to-be.

WANT IT: In the mood for a splurge? Use Chittypulga coupon code MAMA10 and get an additional 10% OFF on any purchase plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.

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