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Dining Out with Baby

When baby was a newborn, I could tote his infant carseat into a restaurant and enjoy my meal while he napped peacefully beside me. But those days of napping through meals are over. Now baby sits in a restaurant high chair and snacks on finger foods during my meal.

I don’t want to disturb any other restaurant patrons, so I only take baby to family friendly places like the local diner, pizzeria or the mall food court. But when I watch the restaurant staff clean table after table with the same grimy rag, I get a little grossed out when I picture baby eating his finger food off of that dirty surface.

So I was happy to test the new BeBe ChaCha Sticker Placemat.  This disposable placemat sticks right to the table and provides a large (11″ by 14″) area for eating. It protects baby from germs on the table and cannot be pulled/tossed off the table by a curious baby. When you’re done eating, you just peel off the placemat and throw it away. With the BeBe ChaCha Sticker Placemat, cleaning up after meals is super easy for you (or for your waiter).

Each pack of 12 disposable placemats sells for $8.99 at They won’t take up much room in your diaper bag and make eating out so much easier for Mama and cleaner for baby.  

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  1. 5668 says:

    These placemats are great! The sticker backing really keeps my daughter from tossing it on the floor!

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