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StrollAway by MetroTots: The Must-Have Space Saver for Your NYC Apartment

strollawayBeing a mom-to-be in the city is certainly not without its challenges – not the least of which is finding a place to put all that cool urban baby gear that is slowly accumulating in my NY-sized apartment. Enter the StrollAway, an over-the-door stroller storage system invented by a mom (the best baby stuff is, right?) right here in NYC.

I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical when I first received a review sample of the StrollAway from MetroTots. I’m all for space saving gadgets, but I’m also fairly handy about the house. And thrifty! So I wasn’t too sure why I couldn’t just buy a couple of hooks at Home Depot and attach them to the door in order to hang the stoller.

But I was quickly won over by the StrollAway. It installs in seconds (it literally took me longer to open the package), affixes to the door without damaging it, fold flush to the door when not in use, and securely stores most average size strollers. And the arms adjust independently and lock down into grooves to fit the handles of your stroller. The weight limit is 35 lbs, but as I found, it can even hold a huge jogging stroller if you take the wheels off. It is really sturdy!

I was pretty happy not to have to jerry-build my own solution, but here’s what really won me over. Several weeks ago I happened to come across an enormous (I’m talking 20 inch wheels) jogging stroller at a tag sale for 40 bucks. I hesitated. I was unwilling to sacrifice another precious square inch of our NYC apartment for a jogging stroller – not exactly a necessity. (And I abhor storing things under the bed – bad feng shui, collects dust, ick.)

But I had that shiny new StrollAway at home (at that time holding my ironing board – works great, by the way), so I bought the stroller. When I got home I Froogled the price. It was a $400 stroller! Thank you, StrollAway!

WANT IT: You can find out where to buy the StrollAway ($39.99), the first and only stroller storage hanger, at They also have a wall mount version (for the garage) as well as a multi stroller system coming soon.

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