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What’s Hot Pink & Snuggly?

There’s something about a hot pink hippo that makes you smile. RosieHippo  is one of my favorite stores because I know how much effort the owner puts into picking her merchandise. When you buy a gift from RosieHippo, it comes with “Rosie the Hippo” coloring pages and a friendly Rosie the Hippo sticker on the packages.

Kids love this sweet hippo, and customers have asked Kim, the owner of RosieHippo, to start selling a pink hippo for months. Kim searched far and wide for a plush pink hippo that met her quality standards. She finally located a manufacturer in the United Kingdom and now offers two exclusive Rosie Hippo plush animals. Rosie is available stuffed with lavender from France and natural wheat grains from England — or stuffed with wheat grains only.

My son has the wheat version, and he loves sleeping and cuddling with Rosie.  Because Rosie is stuffed with wheat, this plush can do double duty as a heating pad. After just 30 seconds in the microwave, Rosie keeps my son toasty while we’re waiting for the car to warm up.

Want it?

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