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Sun Tea (Tea Collection’s Summer Line)

There is something different about Tea Collection’s clothing for kids. Perhaps it is the quality, or the globally-influenced motifs, or the sweet but still cosmopolitan styles. Whatever it is, I can spot a tea collection outfit anywhere and not just because I have the latest catalog memorized.

Our friends and family can do it, too. Now whenever they ask, “Where did you get that adorable outfit?” they quickly answer their own question: “Tea Collection”.

While not inexpensive, Tea Collection is still in reach (especially on sale) for those of us on a modest budget. And if you have multiple kids, the quality and timelessness makes Tea Collection a bargain, especially for special occasion clothing.

From their latest, Bali-inspired, summer collection, we chose these pieces:

Girl’s Artisan Ikat Knot Dress, in Dahlia ($35, on sale for $19.50): This is more modern of a pattern than my traditional girl and I usually go for. There was no denying the bold, eye-catching energy the zig-zags on this “statement” dress.

Girl’s Jaya Peak Playdress, in Dahlia ($30, on sale for $19.50): Imagine the mountains she can climb in this perfect summer playdress. The little stylized and slightly abstracted butterflies add a light, feminine touch. Details like the flutter sleeves make transform this day dress into something special enough to wear for an occasion. We also love dresses like this that can be paired with leggings and a long-sleeve shirt for cooler nights.

Boy’s Singa Tee, in Salsa Red ($26, on sale for $19.50): We love the super-soft cotton graphic tees for boys by Tea Collection. Tea Collection looks beyond the basic colors for boys and uses hues to tell a story. This spicy red matches the pep in my little boy’s personality. Contrast stitching at the shoulders adds interest. According to Tea Collection, the singa is part human, part water buffalo, and part crocodile or lizard, and is a benevolent and protective power in Indonesian mythology. What a neat fantastical beast!

Check out the Children’s Clothing at Tea Collection right now–they have a fantastic sale for their summer Girl’s Clothing and Boy’s Clothing and a preview of their fall collection!

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