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Oz the Great and Powerful DVD

Oz The Great and Powerful DVD coverAh movie night. One of the few times I can get my son to relax with me on the couch! We received the “Oz The Great and Powerful” DVD in the mail and my son was definitely excited to watch it.


The special effects were really amazing and the story was great. I certainly appreciated seeing actors and actresses that I knew taking on roles in a story that I grew up with. My son enjoyed it overall, but there were definitely parts that were really loud and others that scared him. He was a bit freaked out by the monkeys so I am not sure if I could recommend it to children in the 5-7 age range. Other than that, we really enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it for families. Make sure your little ones 7 and under know ahead of time that there are some loud noises or perhaps watch the movie with your older children after putting your smaller ones to bed (no nightmares guaranteed!).

Find out more about the movie and order online from Disney here!

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