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Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom Fitness DVD Series

healthy fit happy mom dvd seriesAs a Mom, I always put my children’s needs ahead of mine and I’m sure many moms out there are the same way. But when it comes to your personal health, us moms need to take care of ourselves in order to do a good job of taking care of the children who depend on us. That means eating right and exercising.

I received the Health, Fit, Happy Mom Fitness DVD Series which makes sticking to a fitness routine so much easier since I don’t have to go anywhere but my workout room in the basement! The DVDs are broken down into a set of 3; the first is for prenatal exercise, the second is post-pregnancy and the third is post-pregnancy Step it Up!  All 3 videos utilize your own body weight for resistance so no weights are needed and everything can be done in the comfort of your own home.  The series is designed to bring exercise back into your life and your routine as a mom.

Devon Butler NASM, AFPA, IIN certified trainer leads Dr. Dr. Zelana Montminy through her pregnancy and beyond! You’ll also find a perfect combination of tasty, healthy, easy to do recipes to compliment each of the workouts. Dr. Zelana Motminy, a Doctor in Psychology, has a unique fusion of expertise in the areas of psychology, health, and the media. Her focus in positive health, an emerging field that uses positive psychology to promote a lifestyle of nutrition and fitness, has been shared with millions of viewers on the PopSugar Network. Dr. Z has shared the stage with leading health and fitness experts including Dr. Oz, Jane Fonda, Dr. Drew Weil, and Bob Harper and now with “Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom,” she will share the stage with you!

You can purchase each DVD individually or buy the 3 pack set on Amazon or from Health Fit Happy  for $14.95. This would be a great gift to any new mom or pregnant pal or family member!

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