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Showing my #DisneySide!

  Show Your Disney Side

When my Disney Side @Home Celebration host box arrived on my doorstep, I practically screamed like a giddy little girl. And rightly so; the box was packed full of wonderful surprises and Disney goodness!

First out of the box, sheerly due to size, was a beautiful American Tourister suitcase!  It’s the perfect size, a 20″ Skate Spinner suitcase, for my son to pack his things for our next trip or to use as a family carry on. It handles easily and is super lightweight.

Next came all of the makings for a #DisneySide party. I invited over some moms and their kiddos to help us all get more in touch with our #DisneySide and we had such a blast. We played Disney Bingo and I used the HP Photo cards provided to make the Bingo prizes. The winners received a Starbucks gift card, which I was able to print during the party using the 2 Smiles service. 2 Smiles enables you to purchase and print a gift card from home. You can pick from many top brands including Starbucks, Amazon, AMC Theatres and more. HP has a #DisneySide collection too…which makes it easy to customize Disney-themed invites and cards.

Next came the Minnie Manicures which were a total hit. I bought red, black, white and silver nail polishes (about $3 each at Walmart). The tweens and teens LOVED doing nails. To make the details on the Minnie Ears, purchase a few small paintbrushes in the craft section at Walmart or at a Michaels. You can clean them with nail polish remover. If you want to splurge, you can buy “nail art” pens at a Sally’s Beauty Supply or similar store, but I found that the tiny paintbrushes work just as well and are cheaper.


Disney Side Manicure


Last, we decorated t-shirts. Hanes provided the t-shirts and fabric markers in the #DisneySide box. The kids loved decorating the shirts and it was such a fun activity. I’m attaching a photo of my favorite– a Mickey/Mamanista shirt. I can’t take credit for the shirt though! Grace ( made it for me.


Disney Side mamanista




My #DisneySide party was a smashing success and we are so pumped up for our next Disney vacation! You can make your own #DisneySide party with tips and ideas from .

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