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Belli Maternity Care Coupon Code (Deal of the Day)

I started using Belli Pregnancy Safe Acne Wash on the advice of Mama-To-Be. Before she posted, I didn’t even know studies had shown a possible link between Salicylic Acid and birth defects. After 14 weeks, I can say that the Belli Wash is very effective at keeping skin clear and the $18 tube goes a long way. If you use a bath puff, you get a nice lather from just a small amount. The fragrance is a natural and light citrus and the scent is pleasant. Belli makes a full line of skin care for pregnant moms and for baby and is the #1 Recommended Pregnancy Skin Care Collection Among OB-Gyns because the ingredients are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding and the products are free of Synthetic Dyes, Paraben Preservatives, … Read entire article »

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