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Friday Playgroup: September 21, 2007

First MySpace, Then Facebook, Now Harvard? Facebook takes down pictures of breastfeeding moms for obscenity, but it hosts over 350 pro-anorexia groups. Izzy’s asking other bloggers to take action by posting on this hypocrisy. (IzzyMom)

Bill Maher is a waste of time and here’s another huge blow-up about breastfeeding around the internet. (Suburban Oblivion)

Die Yuppie Scum Mom 101 is ambivalent about having a nanny. (Mom 101)

Work at Home Exposed Sara Fischer claims that “working at home” is just an excuse to get your nails done and slack off. I couldn’t disagree more. At home workers can be just as productive as office workers. (Mommy Track’d)

In Which I Am Nearly Decapitated By a Falling Box of Condoms Who would have thought that a near-death falling condom experience would be so entertaining? (Absolutely Bananas)

Oh Help Me Internet You decide: dark tile grout or light tile grout. I wouldn’t have thought this was such a hot topic, but it’s elicited over 100 comments. My two cents: I think the dark grout looks nice in the photo and will be easier to clean. (Rocks In My Dryer)

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  1. Scribbit says:

    Funny post by Shannon–I go for light grout myself.

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