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Change IS Strange: Helping Children Adjust

Helping Children Cope with Change New Baby Going to School MovingChange is Strange knows that when big changes happen to little people, things can get scary, and upsetting, and exciting, and sometimes all of the above at once.

Just when your pre-schooler thinks he’s got it all figured out, you throw him a change up: a new house, a new baby, a new school. Children value routine, but change also provides new opportunities. As parents, the challenge is to prepare our children for change and help them see the positive aspects of each new experience.

Change is Strange uses adorably funky illustrations and simple, clear text to introduce children to change. We’ve been telling our baby for a few weeks that she is going to be a big sister and there is a baby brother or sister growing inside mommy (and now I just told you!). At just 18 months’, that does not mean a lot to her yet–but it will sure mean a lot in about six months’.

So, we’ve been reading her a personalized copy of We’re Having a Baby. Although the book is written for an older child (about 2-6 years), she gives each reading her rapt attention. She enjoys hearing her name and learning more about the baby. Pointing each time to herself when she hears “big sister” and my stomach when a passage mentions the new baby, big-sister-to-be is starting to get a better understanding of the upcoming change.

My little girl knows she’ll be a “Super Big Sister” by getting diapers for the baby and picking out the baby’s blanket. Although there’s lots of encouragement, Change is Strange does not sugarcoat new experiences. The new baby will cry, eat, poop, and sleep–in short, at first the new baby is not fun. At the end of our tale, however, the baby smiles at big sister, and big sister looks forward to when the baby can run and play with her.

The bouncy, vibrant illustrations, personalization, and creative page layouts keep the interest of even younger kids (and the adult readers). Simple, but engaging and honest text will appeal to older children, including beginning readers.

Change is Strange wants to aid parents in guiding their children through changes. In addition to welcoming a new, they publish books that deal with moving, saying goodbye to the pacifier, starting school, and missing your parents while they are away on a trip. On the website, you’ll find helpful hints for helping children cope with changes.

Now, if they just made versions for my husband, the grandparents, and me…because change can be strange at any age.

WANT IT: Change is Strange books are available personalized ($29.95) and non-personalized ($14). Receive 20% off your purchase with coupon code “mamanista”.

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  1. Mama-To-Be says:

    Congrats to you and Captain Dad! Baby Diva will be a wonderful big sister. :)

  2. Audrey says:

    As I’m reading about change and kids adapting I’m thinking of us grown ups and how difficult change is for us also. New jobs, new homes, taking on a new project. I still get butterflies in my stomach sometimes :)

    Audrey :)

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