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Baby Doll Love

When I was little, I had my one special baby doll. Her name was Laura and I treated her as though she was my actual baby. I fed her at my mealtimes, put her down for naps when I had my own, and made sure she got her fair share of sunshine.

She may not have known it at the time but when my mother gave me that doll, she gave me a small bundle of responsibility. I learned how to care for something when I took my doll under my wing and let her live her porcelain life alongside mine.

Even though I didn’t like it, I even had to put Laura into time out when she sneakily took a cookie before dinner or put her tiny, dirty hands on the freshly washed windows.

Although Laura meant the whole world to me, she was a fairly ordinary baby doll. Looking at her now (yes, she still hangs around my childhood bedroom) her clothes are cute but not overly expensive, her eyes are bright and clear but don’t move of their own accord and her hair has survived way too many aggressive brushes and amateur braids.

This is how every doll comes to be. They are given for the most special of reasons and receive a special kind of love that can survive many years.

They also have come so far in the past decade or two. Dolls now can hold hands, eat food and even have bodily functions! They simulate real babies far more than the dolls of ere ever did. This keeps them constantly intriguing to children and more lifelike. They have the most precious outfits, hair styles, names and accessories in the forms of cribs, blankets and bottles.

These dolls are timeless yet perfect for each child.

Every little girl (and even some little boys) deserve their own baby doll to love and care for. Those parental instincts may kick in at a young age and having an ‘imaginary’ friend is a great thing for a child to experience. They are the perfect presents and will mean so much to your little one.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Actonia PR Agency. All words and ideas are my own.

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