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Thursday Friday Bags

Friday is the perfect day to share about one my new favorite accessories: Thursday Friday Bags!

Thursday Friday Bags

In a world that is “obsessed with expensive luxury goods,” Thursday Friday bags are for the everyday gal.  These simple canvas totes are humorously printed on all sides with images of luxury items (such as pictures of a red Proenza Schouler bag). It is clear this company has a great sense of humor while helping keep perspective in a material-goods focused culture.

I first heard about the brand when they were sued by Hermes for the “Birken” tote. I wanted to know more and knew that I liked this brand!   I love the Moto Together Bag, which is a fun “wink” at Balenciaga’s pricey handbags. Not everyone can afford the high-price handbags that are so popular right now. But Thursday Friday bags are not only affordable, but well-made and sturdy (not to mention cute and stylish!) And for those trying to make a statement, the bags are a great “anti-status” symbol.

Thursday Friday bags are great for everyday use: groceries, gym items, diaper bag contents or all the things you need to bring to the office. I use my Moto tote to carry my papers and ipad to and from work.

To see all the great collections that Thursday Friday has to offer, check out their website: Thursday Friday.

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  1. I have been looking for a new routine. This would be great to try out!!

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