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Social Good with Light & Co and Global Poverty Project


“The bottom line is that we are one human family, one Tribe–and if we’re going to be able to lift ourselves out of the holes that we’ve dug in this world, then we need to start acting like it. “

There is a great epidemic in this world of struggle: poverty, injustice, lack of human rights, war, armed conflict, disease. There are those of us who can sit comfortably reading the news on our computers or in front of our televisions. There are others who are living the reality of the news – the pain, the hardship – as their daily life. But as Emily of Light & Co points out, “we are one human family, one Tribe.”  That as a family, we must be unified and working for the good of all its members.

With this mantra, Emily and her business partner Kinsey, created the new start-up Light & Co. Through their business, Light & Co sells a collection of all-natural shirts with the message For the Tribe. For the tribe reflects on the greater idea taht we are all one family. We are global citzens. And it’s the mission of Light & Co is to outfit Global Citzens to raise awareness and funds toward global recovery.

One step Light & Co has taken to broaden their reach is partnering with Global Poverty Project. The ultimate goal of the Global Poverty Project (GPP) is to live in a world without extreme poverty. To attain this goal, GPP partners with organizations such as Light & Co to advance the end-poverty movement. One of the ways GPP raises awareness and funds is through hosting the Global Citizens Festival. This year’s festival will be taking place on Sept. 28th in Central Park. Musical guests will include John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, and Kings of Leon.

Light & Co will be designing a special-edition shirt to promote the Global Citizen Festival. They’ll be donating $10 from every $25 shirt sold directly to the GPP.

Will you take your place in the Tribe, as a Global Citizen? Become part of the movement!  Shop Light & Co’s online boutique. Check back soon for the special-edition Global Citizen apparel!

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