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Valentine’s Day Ideas for the whole family


Valentines' Day Ideas

Over the years, we have shared a number of Valentine’s Day ideas for making your loved ones feel special. Since our bloggy beginnings, Mamanista shared everything from fun ties for Dad to eco-delicious chocolate to gifts that support good causes.

Here are some new ideas for the whole family in 2014:

KIDS: One of the most valuable ways you can show your kids you love them is TIME (and a little candy doesn’t hurt either). If you want to save Valentine’s night for hubby or your significant other, plan a special breakfast or another night to have special meal at home. Have your child decorate a piece of red construction paper with Valentine’s Day drawings and stickers and laminate it for years of fun memories. has several fun crafts for kids which create more opportunities to put in a little child-parent time together.

MOM & SPECIAL FEMALE FRIENDS: Kids are happy with candy but moms and friends might like a little something to make them feel pretty on this holiday of love. Previously, we mentioned the personalized Joseph Nogucci Morfologi bracelets in a gorgeous honeycomb weave made from 3D print technology; but, they also have several other lovely styles of bracelets in red, specifically, the red Amor Charmballas

Red heart bracelets

of which 10% of all proceeds go to Heart Health Awareness. Of course, roses are always a special gift – especially when you find local produce vendors that sell more flowers for less — as long as the giftee has their own vase, which most people do somewhere in the house.

DAD & BOYFRIENDS: They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Make the plans to go to dinner or plan a very special dinner at home with a favorite beverage of choice that you might not otherwise buy or simply let him treat you! If you are set on buying a gift, chocolate may or may not be a good choice depending on the man in your life but getting off the computer and sharing a movie and a big bowl of popcorn may be all you need to do. For going out, buy a gift card from the love collection at Fandango and/or pick a restaurant at the gift card rack to give a BIG hint about where you want to go.

movie gift card valentine's day

As always, don’t forget a lovely Valentine’s Day card sharing the feelings of your heart with each of your loved ones. Create them on the computer for an even more personalized message. Speaking of the computer, a Facebook gift or an Amazon gift card might be the way to give a long-distance bit of love.

Enjoy you Valentine’s Day and share the love!

(Disclosure: Joseph Nogucci is a current client. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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