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SATees: Onesies for Your Budding Genius

SATees allow your soon-to-be sesquipedalian small fry to speak volumes–even before he can chat. Each onesie or tee is emblazoned with an adjective that is both cosmopolitan and cute. Is your baby dilatory (tending to cause delay)? Aren’t they all? Or perhaps she’s indefatigable (untiring), waking up at 3am and demanding to party…just like that roommate you had in college? Allow SATees to do the talking and your baby can just concentrate on what he … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: June 29, 2007

In the summertime, a Parent Blogger’s mind turns to… When babies spread their wings and take Flight. Sigh. (Her Bad Mother) Did I REALLY Just Say That? Personally I prefer the UPS guy. Something about those shorts. (IzzyMom) BusyMom answers your questions about Single Sex Education. Her “ass is hungry“. Did I just type that? Mine is, too, and it IS my own fault. (The Mummy Chronicles) Men Are the New Sea Monkeys: Well, that’s a new take… (Suburban … Read entire article »

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Baby Carriers, Slings, and Wraps: Take Baby Along for the Ride

Babies are Born to Be Worn–and you can wear them in style at Along for the Ride’s amazing selection of Beco Baby Carriers, ErgoBaby Carriers, Zolowear Slings, BabyHawk Mei Tais, Hotslings, EllaRoo Ring Slings, Mama’s Milk adjustable pouches, and Baby Slings, Baby Carriers, and Baby Wraps in every shape, size, and style. Babywearing allows you to keep baby close–which means baby is safe, secure, and participating in your life. Parents can go just about anywhere and … Read entire article »

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Quick Tip: Wallies Cutouts Make Decorating Your Nursery A Breeze

In less than an hour and for under $20, you can transform your baby’s nursery.Wallies Cutouts are prepasted, vinyl-coated wallpaper cutouts. You can apply them in minutes with just a little bit of water. No skill required! (If you live in an apartment or in military housing, they are easily strippable when you move.) Wallies offers big murals (e.g. fairy castles, medieval castles and dragons) as well as simple cutout appliques. Whatever your nursery theme, you … Read entire article »

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Moms and Dads Will Love this Safe, Comfortable Way to Carry Baby

Babywearing isn’t just for moms–dads can share the benefits by using a carrier like the ERGOBaby, too. Moms everywhere are turning onto babywearing. What’s not to love? Baby is safe, happy, and secure and mom can have two hands free, too! The motion is a natural way to soothe colicky newborns and you can keep toddlers close and out of trouble in new places. I’ve nursed Baby Diva in a carrier, taken her … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: June 22, 2007

Castle Cake: Embarrassing but true. I want one of these for my next birthday! (Scribbit) Cooking with Hyacinth: Amazing cooking blog with detailed step-by-step photos and original recipes. In one of the photos, she sports a really cute apron that you can find at TheKitchenMadonna. (The Pioneer Woman Cooks) What? Huh? You Must Be Kidding? I think it’s utterly ridiculous that Kellogg’s was pressured into retiring their licensed characters. I grew up watching Tony the Tiger in the Frosted Flakes commercials, but my mother was quite capable of telling me no in the grocery store when I asked for sugar cereals. (Queen of Shake-Shake) Math Wonder: Former Wonder Years star Danica McKellar has written a book called “Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a … Read entire article »

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12 Tips and Products for Traveling With Baby in Safety and Style

We’ve MOVED and UPDATED our Best Gear and Tips for Traveling with Babies and Children Now with MORE COUPON CODES, CONTESTS, and TIPS! You can travel with a baby and have a great time, with a little preparation and a lot of patience. The trick is to balance traveling light with having the essentials. Here are my tips for traveling safely and in style with your baby. And check out the coupon codes at the bottom of each section! Getting around: 1. Bring your infant car seat: If you are using an Infant Car Seat, you can transport your seat in a lightweight and convenient frame that converts the seat into a stroller. I’ve tried out my friends’ and I am definitely getting one the next time around. I really like the … Read entire article »

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Get Attached to Baby with these Luxurious Slings, Carriers, and Wraps

Babywearing is great for baby and even better for mama. When Baby Diva was colicky, I wore her almost all day. Holding her close to my heart kept her happy and safe and allowed me to get some work done! A good baby sling, baby wrap, or baby carrier is also an excellent investment because it is one of the few items you will find yourself using every day during the first year–and possibly … Read entire article »

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Teach Baby a Foreign Language with Baby’s First Words in Chinese

When I received my copy of Baby’s First Words in Chinese, I could not wait to pop in the CD. Learning a new language opens up exciting opportunities and gives you a richer way to experience other cultures. However, most adults, myself included, struggle with learning and pronouncing words in languages other than their native tongue. Children, however, are born with a remarkable facility for language. Because I want Baby Diva to enjoy … Read entire article »

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Happy Father’s Day!

This Daddy’s Girl wants to wish Captain Dad and all the Pops in Blogland and elsewhere a “Happy Father’s Day!” Win a copy of Punk Rock Dad Don’t forget to tell us why Dad Rocks and be eligible to win a copy of Punk Rock Dad by Jim Lindberg. Ooops, I know there was something else I needed to do If you forgot a present, Get him a gift certificate at his favorite store at, take him out … Read entire article »

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